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From the mouths of the Shorty Muscle's themselves!


Allison enjoys passing on her passion to be healthy and fit!!! Her classes are awesome and so is she 


Allison has changed my perspective on working out. She makes it challenging but so FUN. The class atmosphere is so welcoming and since the beginning I’ve felt like I have always been going there. The added plus is her dog=mascot . Thanks for being so wonderful Allison!!!


Allison is so dedicated and committed to giving her clients the very best workout each and every class. I have never been disappointed. I feel my body getting stronger each week, and I love seeing the results. She is such a motivator. Her passion for fitness is Infectious! 
5 stars all the way!


Shorty Muscle Gym is helping me change my outlook of workouts. They are tough but so much fun and Allison is a sweetheart!!


This is the best place to workout! Allison makes working out so much fun and kicks our butts! The people that come for her workouts are so versatile and unique - as she calls us "the land of misfit toys " It's the best part of my day when I see everyone there!


I have Parkinson disease Allison has been working with me to improve my balance
not only is Allison a good coach she is a great person !!!


Best workout ever!!! My happy place!!!


I wanted to say the HUGEST THANK YOU for everything you did for my Dad.  Just in that month it was so exciting for me to see the positive change in him  He was proud of himself, was excited about something, and had goals.  I can't thank you enough for that gift.Chose to work with a population of people who require extra patience and compassion really takes a special person...thank you <3

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