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If it doesn’t challenge you. It won’t change you.

           PERSONAL TRAINING ($50-1, $275-6, $450-10)

Personal Training is for one on one focus.  Workouts are tailored around your body, your injuries, and your comfort level.  

           GROUP FITNESS ($12 Drop in, $80 Month Membership)

Surround yourself with like-minded people!  Find motivation and accountability by joining a class and working out with others that push you, entertain you, and motivate you to show up and work harder!



In between comfort with being alone and coming to class?  Bring a buddy!  You can schedule group sessions specifically for those you wish to train with.

           Nutrition (Meal Plans $150, 6-Week Coaching $750) 


75% of the hard work that you put in is based on your diet.  Meal plans are available and tailored specifically for you.  This includes Macro Calculations, BMR differential, and a specific food plan.  Recipes and other tips included.

           Corporate Wellness and Fitness Workshops
•Having healthy employees has clear financial benefits and can drastically reduce healthcare costs for employers

•Reduced stress. Wellness programs can help to reduce stress among employees.

•Greater productivity

•Increased morale

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